Following the Herd

It’s easy to follow the crowd. Follow fashion. Follow trends. Follow the herd. We are like sheep sometimes. In every herd or flock there tends to be a more aggressive soul. It’s the one that leads the others along the path. She is the first to the feed, the first to the green grass, and the first to get stuck in the mud. The leader is followed mindlessly by the herd. They see that one is headed in a certain direction and so they follow with the thinking that there must be something good there. No thought is given to the individual. This is the mentality of the herd. In order to be considered one of the group, each member must follow another in order to remain together. To be off alone is simply not heard of at all. To survive one must be part of the herd right?

May I point out that we aren’t sheep? Each and every one of us has a brain and the ability to use it. Do you remember a time that you followed the crowd and got into trouble? Did you regret it?

We get sucked into thinking that we have to follow the herd whether what they are doing is right for us or not. One of the most insane herdisms is the low-cut jean for women. When they came into style girls and women flocked to dressing rooms to squeeze into them. We convinced ourselves they were comfortable, that they could look good on us, and that since it’s the fashion we MUST wear them. Females became even thinner to look good in the new “skinny jean” and Ann Taylor airbrushed images of models to make the bar even higher to be thin because thin is in. Perfection eluded us at every turn. We still followed the herd even though it made us ill and unattractive. Mindless sheep we were.

I woke up one morning and found my self to have transformed from a sheep to a romantic minimalist. It was an instantly freeing feeling. I bought jeans that I enjoyed because they fit me. I smiled when I wore them. It made me feel so good that I cleaned my closet and said “To Hell with fashion trends”. I sang to myself on the way to work. The herd was gone and I loved it. I introduced myself as a minimalist woman at work, to family, and friends. They got used to it and simply accepted my simple beauty and my simple exercise approach. They were happy for me. They started to follow me…

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