How Do You Simplify Your Life?

When life became more than I could keep up with and anxiety began to take its toll on my body and mind I took a step back to breathe.
I had a “light bulb” moment.
Instead of seeking more I needed less.
Less chaos, less worry, less debt, less stress, and less heartache were what I needed to simplify my life.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

* How do I get to less to lead a simple life?
* What if I to make some radical changes to be happy?
* What if I only keep the things I absolutely love?
* Is being happy worth the risk of going against the crowd?
* What if doing my own thing makes me happy?
* What if people laugh? Would it really matter if it makes me happy?

Here are the radical choices I made to simplify my life as a woman:

1) Ditch the Makeup
I found myself worrying constantly about what to put on my face.
I drove myself crazy.
After endless stress about how to keep minimal makeup I decided to just ditch it all.
Stress over.
Hint: I accidentally found that if you announce your minimalism, others are accepting.
I just smile and use my SIMPLE BEAUTY without a care.

2) Stop Keeping Things “Just in Case”
I had a lot of things around just in case I needed one.
I started thinking more about the present and less about the future.
If I kept all that stuff, the odds of me finding it in the future were slim to none.
I rid my home of the extras that cluttered the closets and other places.
Think present moment.

3) Stop Buying Gifts
Now before you think I am callous, read on.
I changed the gift.
Now I give of my time.
I babysit for new mothers, run errands for elderly or the busy family member.
Time is the most valuable thing you can give.

4) Minimize Your Clothes
I picked a few things that I really loved and gave away the rest.
I kept what I loved and used the most.

5) Start Drinking Water
I stopped drinking caffeine, alcohol, and soft drinks.
Essentially I determined that drinking water was what my body needed.
Our grocery bill went down more than $50 a month by not buying these anymore.

6) Start Eating Healthy
I stopped eating processed food and sugar and now eat a vegan diet.
Our grocery bill once again went down significantly.
Eating vegan made my cholesterol levels go down as well.

I didn’t do everything all at once but when one thing felt so good, I was anxious to do more and it was easy to change. When my friends and coworkers walk up to me and ask me what I am doing to look so good, what do you think I say?

“I simplified my life.”

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