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A Fresh Start

I always love new beginnings.
January 1st is my favorite day of the year.
Of course it’s silly in a way because every
day has potential for a fresh start.
Every moment we have the chance to decide to do better.
On my list for 2012 are great adventures.
Healthy living, and love top the list as well.
My adventures entail endless possibilities.
Things that speak to my spirit are on the list
Healthy living is here to stay for me.
I’ve changed to a vegan diet and walk 5 miles a day in 2012.
Letting go of covering up has been freeing for me and I embrace it.
We have just a few more things to minimize in our home,
but for the most part we are free of the stress of clutter.
I look forward to making quality time with my family.
I wouldn’t say that I have resolutions. Goals set us up for a
narrow path and I want to experience new things and my passions.

It’s going to be a great year.

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