Moving Toward Permaculture

I saw a documentary  about the shifts coming in 2012 and the move of society towards permaculture and sustainable living. I have to admit it enticed me and intrigued me to learn more. In the coming weeks I will post more information on it here at Romantic Minimalist.
When relating some of the information to my husband I was pleasantly surprised that he was interested in talking about using alternative energy such as passive solar, creating our own garden, and creating an energy efficient home when we move to our own living space. For now in our apartment I can make some adjustments to how we spend our money and get down to the basics.

Coffee and tea- I hope to allow these to just fade away. My caffeine consumption has been altered by my Graves disease and quite frankly I don’t miss it that much.  My husband travels most of the time so he drinks little of it at home. End of year should be the last.

Cereals- We gave these up. Now a simple piece or handful of fruit and sometimes some nuts make up our version of a healthy meal.

Cosmetics- I struggled for quite some time with wanting to get rid of makeup and expensive skin creams but didn’t want to look like a Gothic ghost.  Finally I decided to get highlights instead of coloring my hair dark brown and now I don’t really need makeup. I replaced my skin creams and lotions with olive oil. Done.

Clothing- Continuing my $1 clothing challenge at the second-hand store seems in order as well as using  Freecycle . Any clothing that we can’t wear anymore will be considered for up-cycling to something new to use before we discard it or give it away.  Using old clothing for quilts, pillows, and rice bags seems a good way to use what we have more than once.

Electricity and natural gas-we began unplugging those things that we weren’t using such as kitchen appliances, chargers, fans and other such items to save electricity. I don’t really need the digital clock on the microwave. To do away with kitchen appliances would be even better. We will get to that one gradually.

Space- Clutter just isn’t our style anymore. We want peace and calm in our home and we can have that while we still do all the things we love to do. We went paperless a while ago and do most things digitally. The result was so pleasing that we never looked back. There is no need to keep many files or magazines anymore. My next little project is to give my china away. It seems lonely collecting dust.

Simple Exercise- we adopted simple exercise a while ago and intend to keep it! Walking, jogging, dancing, and body weight exercises are simple, easy, and fast to do. We don’t use extra electricity playing an online game or watching a video and we don’t waste gas driving to the gym.  Right now is the time for me to ride my bike to work and not worry about gas prices!

Container Gardening- My favorite move towards permaculture and living a simple life is patio gardening. I’m planting some containers this week and it’s so exciting to think of fresh herbs and lettuce for our table!

I believe that this kind of living is a work in progress, a joyful work, and anyone can do it. Will you do your part to save earth?

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