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Clearing the Clutter to Simplify Your Life

Most people want less stress and chaos in their lives. Few really know where to start. Making lists and taking a few minutes to evaluate what you have and what you truly need makes it easy to clear the clutter and simplify quickly.

Go Paperless

This means discontinuing magazine and newspaper subscriptions and making a point to read online instead.

How this helps you:

*Saves cleaning time

* Clears clutter instantly

* Impacts the environment in a positive way with less waste

* Allows you to easily organize your reading list

* Convenient way to take reading and notes with you

Go paperless by using a computer, digital tablet, and/or smart phone to write notes, blog, journal, shop, read, take pictures, and work. You can find applications and freeware as well as simple ways to organize your content easily.¬†For some that still want to stay on paper and don’t care to go digital we recommend having a one touch mail filing system and subscribing to one or two periodicals to minimize clutter. Using one notebook for household management is a good idea too.


Don’t Keep Everything

Being prepared for life is much different than keeping everything “just in case”.

*Determine what you need for an emergency situation and make up a kit or bag that has all the supplies you need so that you can grab and go if you need to.

*Learn to live with just what you need on a daily basis. Let go of the Cinderella complex and buy only the clothes you need for every day work and play. No one needs six pairs of $200 jeans for instance. Few people live that kind of life.

*Give the things away that you don’t really need. Its a good feeling.


Live Now

*Work hard and let go of laziness

* Procrastination never made anyone happy

* Do what you love now.


Gadgets Are Overrated

Understandable if you need one handy gadget that does everything but thinking that you need every time-saving appliance and gadget out there will never simplify your life or clear the clutter. You will end up with a house full of things that you don’t have the energy to use and you still won’t be happy. Choose what you love and use on a daily basis. Then avoid being tempted to buy anything but the simple basics. For example, you can create an amazing array of food with a simple knife and cutting board.


Enjoy Space and Time

Clearing the clutter to simplify your life is a journey not a one day event. As you gradually create the peaceful life you want, take a moment to enjoy and recognize the time and space afforded by the effort. Space without clutter or chaos feeling so good. Making the choice not to over-commit and have the time to embrace life is something that is precious.






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