Basic Kitchen Tools

In my quest for a Romantic Minimalist life, I was determined to make simple, healthy meals that didn’t take a gourmet

grocery list to make them. Clean up should be minimal and easy as well. My Basic Kitchen Tools list is just what I need.

  1. Cutting board
  2. Knives
  3. Metal bowl set
  4. Pasta bowl set
  5. Heavy flatware set
  6. Colander
  7. Blender
  8. Crock Pot
  9. Sprouting Jar
  10. Large bamboo spoon set

The blender is my one  luxury. My husband is hooked on his nightly smoothies and I can make a green drink, sorbet, cold soup, or tomato sauce in it quickly and easily with little to clean up.  The crock pot I use to cook beans and rice in as well as veggie soup.  My husband and I have done our best to find a set of dishes that we like to no avail. It dawned on me that we use our large shallow pasta bowls for dinner salads and soups. Why not just use them for every day? A couple of years ago we bought a George Foreman grill. It works nicely and has multiple plates that go with it to make waffles or even bake cookies. We don’t do either anymore and so the use for it seems to be fading away. We will hold onto it a while longer but we don’t really need it now.  The large bamboo spoon set does everything from serving salad with a pair of them to stirring and serving beans and rice in winter.

Our family is moving back to simple food and is losing interest in processed, cooked, devitalized food. The need that we used to have for kitchen gadgets has faded. In moving to more raw food I toyed with the idea of using a dehydrator and a juicer. This caused two concerns. The first was that some dehydrated “raw” recipes literally took two days to make. I am just never going to do that since I cook rather spontaneously. The second concern was that this equipment took a hefty investment.  Our goal was to keep things simple. So we keep the basics in our kitchen that suit us and enjoy the reduction of stress and time spent in the kitchen.


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