About The Romantic Minimalist

One day I woke up with an autoimmune disease. I could have died. It changed my life and my priorities. What happened next has been truly amazing and what I was looking for all along this path. I became what I call a Romantic Minimalist. I started getting rid of things that didn’t mean anything to me. What I kept are things that really matter. In the process I happened to find some things that others had lost and were overjoyed to find again. What I found was that not only does it feel good to get rid of things that I didn’t love, but that it felt good to give to others as well. The thought that those things were meant to be with someone else eased the worry of not having them “just in case”.

Romantic Minimalist is not about being deprived or being practical. It’s about using things that you love every day.


4 thoughts on “About The Romantic Minimalist

  1. I love your stuff! Thanks for putting it here. Would you consider adding an archive widget so I can go back without paging through each post?

  2. Thank you for reading here and thank you for your input. I added an archive widget as you requested. Sometimes it helps to have the eyes of someone else.

  3. Check out the other blog I write at http://www.wvfarm2u.wordpress.com as well. Some of the posts are the same as what I write for the WildRamp but since I cover a larger area, there is more diversity of what gets discussed.

  4. Thanks so much!

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