My $1 Shopping Spree

Today I took what I didn’t need to the Montana Rescue Mission Store.
It’s Montana’s best thrift store.
Of course I had to go in and see if they had
any bargains that were on my “need” list.
I picked up three t-shirts at $1 each.
I also chose a tank and a lace shirt that
had caught my eye a while back.
Both were $1 each.
The last two items were sweaters.
A cream color short sleeve was $1.
My splurge was a black cuddly pullover
for $5.99 but it fit what I needed.
My total ticket was $10.99 for
3 tees, 2 sweaters, one tank, and
one lace shirt.

I was amazed at the good condition
of each item. The black sweater had some threads
that needed some repair but were easily fixed.

My summer item list is nearly complete.
I want to buy pants a little closer to summer.
My plan is to minimize my size. 😉

What is your latest best bargain?

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Seven Great Things About Water

Water sounds boring.
It’s not bright unless its a lake in the sunshine.
Water is colorless, odorless, and invisible at times.
What are the great things about water?

1) It makes your skin young again
Water hydrates the skin from the inside out.
It plumps up the skin to perfection.

2) It flushes out toxins
Drinking water flushes out the toxins
that build up in your cells. It helps
keep your system running smoothly.

3) It doesn’t cost a dime
Water costs less than a dime per serving.
It is always the least expensive thing to drink.

4) It fights disease
Washing your hands is the single
best thing you can do to ward off diseases
like influenza and the common cold.

5) It keeps hunger at bay
Hunger is sometimes a sign of dehydration.
Drinking water helps you stay on track
with your eating plan.

6) It cleans anything
Water is still the best thing
to clean your whole house.
There isn’t really a need
for fancy chemicals.

7) It brings life
Everything needs water to live.
Water can bring the ill back to health
and a limp plant back to vibrancy.

Water was so simple to add to our life.
Instead of reaching for other things
now we go for water.
It saves us money, time, and health.

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Take the Medication for Life

You go to the Doctor.
She writes a prescription for medication.
You take it to the Pharmacy.
The pharmacy fills a bottle and gives it to you.
You take it home and read the bottle.
Over and over again you read the bottle.

You can read all you want.
If you don’t take the medicine
it won’t help you.

There are many experts on different subjects.
Experts are fine.
The experienced are more rare.
Experience speaks a language all itself.

Read all the blogs and websites you want.
Gain knowledge if you need to.
Don’t just sit there in the end.
Take what you learned and do something.

You can’t change your life by gaining knowledge.
You can only change your life if you take action.

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Frugal Vegan Menu

One of the best ways to save money is to examine the grocery bill.
Toss processed food out the window.
Buy whole grains in bulk.
See sale prices on ripe fruits and vegetables.

Here’s a sample menu for a Frugal Vegan:

Oatmeal with water and honey

Buy oatmeal in bulk for much less than $1 a serving.
Search for local farmers that host beehives.
Many times they will give you honey.
Buy honey in bulk at your local health food store too.

Brown rice

Buy brown rice in bulk for less than $1 a serving.
Chop up onion and celery to add.
These are common vegetables and cost little.
Eat a piece of fruit that is in season for dessert.

Stir fry vegetables
Olive oil
Garlic powder

Mix any combination of favorite vegetables in season.
This meal is light for easy digestion before bed.

Veganism isn’t just good for the bank account.
It is a healthy alternative to animal products.
Consuming mostly fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
is good for your whole body.
Add healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, and olive oil
for a frugal diet that is superb for healthy living.

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Following the Herd

It’s easy to follow the crowd. Follow fashion. Follow trends. Follow the herd. We are like sheep sometimes. In every herd or flock there tends to be a more aggressive soul. It’s the one that leads the others along the path. She is the first to the feed, the first to the green grass, and the first to get stuck in the mud. The leader is followed mindlessly by the herd. They see that one is headed in a certain direction and so they follow with the thinking that there must be something good there. No thought is given to the individual. This is the mentality of the herd. In order to be considered one of the group, each member must follow another in order to remain together. To be off alone is simply not heard of at all. To survive one must be part of the herd right?

May I point out that we aren’t sheep? Each and every one of us has a brain and the ability to use it. Do you remember a time that you followed the crowd and got into trouble? Did you regret it?

We get sucked into thinking that we have to follow the herd whether what they are doing is right for us or not. One of the most insane herdisms is the low-cut jean for women. When they came into style girls and women flocked to dressing rooms to squeeze into them. We convinced ourselves they were comfortable, that they could look good on us, and that since it’s the fashion we MUST wear them. Females became even thinner to look good in the new “skinny jean” and Ann Taylor airbrushed images of models to make the bar even higher to be thin because thin is in. Perfection eluded us at every turn. We still followed the herd even though it made us ill and unattractive. Mindless sheep we were.

I woke up one morning and found my self to have transformed from a sheep to a romantic minimalist. It was an instantly freeing feeling. I bought jeans that I enjoyed because they fit me. I smiled when I wore them. It made me feel so good that I cleaned my closet and said “To Hell with fashion trends”. I sang to myself on the way to work. The herd was gone and I loved it. I introduced myself as a minimalist woman at work, to family, and friends. They got used to it and simply accepted my simple beauty and my simple exercise approach. They were happy for me. They started to follow me…

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The Power of Three

It’s come to the point that I only own the bare necessities.
When I even think about adding more I get anxious about it.
I always find that I don’t need more than three.

*Three shirts ls
*Three shirts 3/4s
*Three sweaters
*Three pants
*Three outerwear
*Three sets of underwear
*Three pairs socks
*Three pairs shoes

One pair of pants is for around the house.
I can mix and match shirts with sweaters or not.
These are the clothes I love the most and what I need for my life.
There is nothing else.

Yes its extreme.
Not everyone can do it.
It’s just for me.
Instead of thinking of what I lack,
I see what I have.

I found the diamonds in my life and kept them.
Then I got rid of the rest.

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Simple Meals: Breakfast

Simple meals mean less stress and vibrant taste.
Now I buy luscious berries, hearty pears, and rosy apples.
No preparation is needed.
In the summer I eat it out on the balcony as the sun comes up.
Sometimes I have to eat it on my way out the door.
There is no worry about clean up or preparation.
I grab a handful of nuts for some protein and omegas if I need to.
Then I smile as I go on about the day.
With less stress and the feeling that I have fed my body well,
it’s always a good day…

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