How to Improve Your Self-esteem

From time to time we all have some trouble with self-esteem. Here are some tips to improve self-esteem and feel good about yourself.

Talk Positive
If you are always telling yourself what an idiot you are your self-esteem will always suffer. Instead of using negative language start using positive talk. You don’t have to use flowery or unreal language but tell yourself it’s okay when you think you made a mistake. Most things aren’t worth the worry and no one is perfect. Use positive talk in every conversation. Avoid gossip and talking about others. Put yourself in their shoes. You will gain a reputation for being kind. Talk positive and see your self-esteem go up and up.

Keep Friends That Build You Up Not Tear You Down
If you hang around a friend that always points out what you do wrong or puts you down then tell them to take a hike! Keep company with people who will realistically reinforce your good traits and doesn’t pick on you. Good friends are the best thing you can do to improve your self-esteem.

Don’t Allow Someone to Talk Inappropriately
Don’t ever allow anyone call you names or call you stupid even during a fight. There are “rules” for fighting such as no name calling and staying on the subject. If you have a spouse that constantly puts you down or is abusive you need to consider counseling and possible ending the relationship. There is never a reason for anyone to be treated this way. Having healthy conversations and relationships is what everyone needs for their self-esteem.

Take the High Road
Avoid getting caught in sticky situations by paying bills on time or making payment arrangements with someone you owe money when possible. Keep your head held high and stay honest. When you have good and honest standards and morals you won’t have to worry about your self-esteem.

Be Aware of the World
To Improve your self-esteem you don’t have to follow the latest fashion trends or have everything under the sun. A good rule is to be aware of the world and decide what you need versus what you may be obsessed with and keep a happy medium. It’s okay to have material things that make you happy as long as you can pay for them without creating stress. Keeping up with the Jones’ won’t make you happy or improve your self-esteem. It will only make you crazy.

You can improve your self-esteem by a using a few basic rules and focus more on the inside of you- your spirit.

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When There is Nothing to Say

Since becoming a Romantic Minimalist I have nothing to say. I should clarify that statement. The topics of conversation have become more clear to me since turning to minimalism. There is little meaningful conversation out there these days. Talk falls into some common categories.

Busy busy busy
“Gosh I’ve been busy.”
“Oh yes, life is so hectic isn’t it?”
“There is never enough time to do it all.”

Me: (silence)

“I said I would bake cookies for the whole class. Ugh.”
“The teenagers won’t do their own laundry.”
“I’ll be up all night getting that project done.”

Me: (silence)

Clutter and Cleanliness
“I don’t know where to store more stuff.”
“Picking up after the family never ends.”
“There isn’t enough space in our house.
Maybe we should buy a bigger one.”

Me: (silence)

“The stress of the bills is overwhelming.”
“We can’t afford anything right now.”
“We just refinanced the Harley to pay for the boat.”
“Did you see that____________________? I just have to have it!

Me: (silence)

Whatever happened to having conversations about history, art, and our dreams?

I’m sending my best friends New Years cards.
In them I am graciously requesting
Meaningful conversations this next year
And for them to omit these categories above.
They know me well enough to understand my point.
Time is precious. Too precious not to
Have meaningful conversations.

I’m fine with silence but I miss my friends.

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Take the Medication for Life

You go to the Doctor.
She writes a prescription for medication.
You take it to the Pharmacy.
The pharmacy fills a bottle and gives it to you.
You take it home and read the bottle.
Over and over again you read the bottle.

You can read all you want.
If you don’t take the medicine
it won’t help you.

There are many experts on different subjects.
Experts are fine.
The experienced are more rare.
Experience speaks a language all itself.

Read all the blogs and websites you want.
Gain knowledge if you need to.
Don’t just sit there in the end.
Take what you learned and do something.

You can’t change your life by gaining knowledge.
You can only change your life if you take action.

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Happy Space

When I became a Romantic Minimalist I decided
to take matters of space into my own hands.
I was no longer a victim to consumerism.
Deprivation didn’t enter into my thoughts.
I just wanted to keep the important things
and leave the chaos and stress behind.
My people have asked me how I did it.
How did I part with so much stuff?
This is how I became a Romantic Minimalist.
I have never looked back…

I watched my children have to clean out
their Grandmother’s house after her death.
It was painful watching them have to go
through all that stuff and try to decide
what to do with it. There were arguments
among their father and his siblings as
well as manipulation. It was sad.
This event coincided with an illness of
my own that took me dangerously close
to my own death.
I thought about all of the things that
my children would have to take care of
in the event of my own death.
That changed things in an instant.

This is how I did it:

1) Clothes
I cleaned out things I hadn’t worn.
Next, I narrowed down to black as a basic.
I threw out shoes that hurt my back.
Practical clothes were kept.
I kept what I loved to wear.
The donations were constant.
It felt good.

2) Crafts
I narrowed down my crafts to one project at a time.
Embroidery was dear to me.
My Grandmother had taught me at an early age.
I donated every other project.
Now I embroidery quilt squares.
When I finish I will choose one project next.

3) Housewares
I sorted out the gadgets we didn’t need.
Appliances and baking supplies were given away.
When I want to bake I buy a mix.
I keep a 9×13 pan for everything.
We gave away our extra sheets and towels.
The china is going next.
Have you ever used your china?
Is it sentimental?

4) Paper
As a writer and a reader I decided
to save trees and space too.
We went digital.
Instead of buying books we bought Xoom tablets, and smart phones.
We now get free classic books.
Notes are taken on colornote on tablets and phones.
No clutter on the desk or counter.
We gave our paper books to others.

5) Consumables
We buy less processed food.
Basic vegetables, rice, oatmeal,
and fruit are on the menu.
Simple meals with little preparation.

I have chosen simple beauty now.
No expensive jars of cream.
Olive oil, vit E, and lemon juice
are my choice for skin.
I cut my own hair and limit
makeup and beauty products.

In every category I thought
about what I truly loved.
The things I chose had meaning.
Sometimes practical was important.
What I found in the end was amazing.

Happy space was there. I choose to live
knowing that there are few things
left behind without meaning.

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Dear Women,

Dear Women,

You are most likely not a princess.
*You do not need more than one lace shirt or one red dress.
*You don’t even need those most days or nights.

You are most likely not a lady of the evening.
*You don’t need to wear makeup to impress real people.
*You don’t need to be dramatic to get attention.

You are most likely someone who just wants to be loved.
*If you act spoiled and haughty it won’t help.
*Love yourself first.
*Be lovable.

You are most likely more than a body or a face.
*Feed your brain if you want people to admire it.
*Take care of your body but not to the extent that your soul starves.

You are most likely to have big dreams and a few goals.
*Don’t ever think you are entitled to anything for free.
*Hard work makes dreams come true.
*Wishing won’t even get you out of the chair.

You are most likely able to take care of yourself.
*Then do it.
*Men can’t hold you up forever and neither can your parents.

You are most likely kind
*Don’t be afraid to show it.
*If the crowd is cruel find a new crowd.

Leave the war paint and the masks behind. Be who you are. There is never any shame or discontent in that.

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Finding the Real Ones: True Storytellers

In the midst of our travels on the journey of life blah blah blah…

Begin again.

We want to find the real ones.
What we go back and truly admire is art and “the real ones”.
The real ones are everything from spare parts to authentic people.
I admire the storytellers.
There are few good storytellers left.
I’m not talking about “writers”, bloggers, published authors or English Majors that need an occupation.
I’m talking about the few storytellers that are left in this world.
As a Romantic Minimalist it is these particular “real ones” I respect and admire the most.
A couple of Doctors I work with are such. They can tell stories of history and politics with flavor.
There are a few good bloggers out there that are storytellers.
Today I found “So Far From Heaven” by Old Jules
He’s a real one.
Many bloggers like me, just talk about a subject or post their photos.
Don’t get me wrong. I like bloggers and I like writing blogs.

It’s not the same…

Once again my Romantic Minimalist mind has come to a crossroads.
I used to “follow” any blog of interest.
As of today, I plan only to follow the good storytellers.
Life is short
I always smile and immerse myself when a storyteller lets loose.
There is nothing in life more precious or necessary.
Out with the clutter of good blogs that aren’t storytellers.
Take no offense.
It’s just Romantic Minimalism at it’s best.
That’s who I am.
A real one.

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