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The Power of Three

It’s come to the point that I only own the bare necessities.
When I even think about adding more I get anxious about it.
I always find that I don’t need more than three.

*Three shirts ls
*Three shirts 3/4s
*Three sweaters
*Three pants
*Three outerwear
*Three sets of underwear
*Three pairs socks
*Three pairs shoes

One pair of pants is for around the house.
I can mix and match shirts with sweaters or not.
These are the clothes I love the most and what I need for my life.
There is nothing else.

Yes its extreme.
Not everyone can do it.
It’s just for me.
Instead of thinking of what I lack,
I see what I have.

I found the diamonds in my life and kept them.
Then I got rid of the rest.

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Basic Professional Wardrobe for Women

Recently I have transferred to a new job and require a professional wardrobe.The challenge for me was to transition my closet without spending too much or getting carried away. What I came up with is a simple solution that is versatile and elegant.

Black pencil skirt
Gray pants
Black pants

Black pullover sweater
Pink pullover sweater
Plum pullover sweater
Cream lace tee
Black lace tee
Print shirts (3)

Black pumps
Black boots
Black Flats

Bright Red Winter Coat
Black Trench Coat

Accessories include a string of pearls, a Tibetan silver chain, pearl earrings, and silver hoop earrings that change each outfit. Each piece mixes and matches with everything else. This is simple, elegant, and professional without breaking the bank or advancing consumerism.

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