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Basic Professional Wardrobe for Women

Recently I have transferred to a new job and require a professional wardrobe.The challenge for me was to transition my closet without spending too much or getting carried away. What I came up with is a simple solution that is versatile and elegant.

Black pencil skirt
Gray pants
Black pants

Black pullover sweater
Pink pullover sweater
Plum pullover sweater
Cream lace tee
Black lace tee
Print shirts (3)

Black pumps
Black boots
Black Flats

Bright Red Winter Coat
Black Trench Coat

Accessories include a string of pearls, a Tibetan silver chain, pearl earrings, and silver hoop earrings that change each outfit. Each piece mixes and matches with everything else. This is simple, elegant, and professional without breaking the bank or advancing consumerism.

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Comparing Yourself to Others is Dangerous

We all do it. You find yourself people watching and then suddenly you are comparing yourself to what you see. It’s dangerous business there. As a professed Romantic Minimalist I struggle with comparisons at times especially in the context of feminine beauty. I look around at the number of women that have long hair and I find myself wanting to hide my head in the sand or the nearest bathroom. As I age I struggle with that less but it still comes around regularly. What to do? It’s easy to say it doesn’t matter. I am secure in a relationship. I don’t have anything to prove. The minimalist side of me begs not to be sucked into advertising for creams and hair products that will make me ageless. I find that when I do get sucked in and buy something I feel guilty every time I see it on the shelf. Many times I throw away things because I can’t stand to look at it another moment. The contented feeling I get when I keep my “stuff” at a minimum is worth the effort to train my mind not to think so much about appearances. I’ve discovered that one way to stay beautiful to everyone is to concentrate on giving instead of worrying about what I have. I may not “own” the title of most beautiful woman by appearance but I intend to compete in the class of most beautiful being. There is a difference. Should you feel the need to compare yourself to others, keep this one rule: “Never compare the inside of you to the outside of someone else.” All of those so-called perfect people out there may look great on the outside but struggle on the inside. Compare yourself to the people that you know are beautiful on the inside-not perfect, but beautiful. Those people that give to others, that make a difference, that choose to smile and be positive, and the people that are happy at the end of the day are the ones that you should look at deeply and see the path that they choose. You don’t have to mimic their actions but take note that giving to others is what makes them beautiful.

Comparing yourself to others is dangerous. It makes you believe that you are separate, and isolated. You are not. We are all pieces of the same puzzle. If we were all the same shape, look, and feel, we would never make the whole complete. Celebrate when you are not like all the rest on the outside and smile knowing that we are all one. There is good in all of us. Never be afraid to let it out.

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