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Dear Women,

Dear Women,

You are most likely not a princess.
*You do not need more than one lace shirt or one red dress.
*You don’t even need those most days or nights.

You are most likely not a lady of the evening.
*You don’t need to wear makeup to impress real people.
*You don’t need to be dramatic to get attention.

You are most likely someone who just wants to be loved.
*If you act spoiled and haughty it won’t help.
*Love yourself first.
*Be lovable.

You are most likely more than a body or a face.
*Feed your brain if you want people to admire it.
*Take care of your body but not to the extent that your soul starves.

You are most likely to have big dreams and a few goals.
*Don’t ever think you are entitled to anything for free.
*Hard work makes dreams come true.
*Wishing won’t even get you out of the chair.

You are most likely able to take care of yourself.
*Then do it.
*Men can’t hold you up forever and neither can your parents.

You are most likely kind
*Don’t be afraid to show it.
*If the crowd is cruel find a new crowd.

Leave the war paint and the masks behind. Be who you are. There is never any shame or discontent in that.

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