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Resilience Today: How to Survive

“You must do the one thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

In the face of an economic downfall, war, and a rather dismal outlook on life by our society in general many people are asking themselves how to survive it all. How can one be resilient to such stress and adversity such as we know in our time? What does it take to survive this madness?

* Stop thinking you are entitled to a free lunch.
Intend to work hard for what you want in life. There are no free lunches and no one owes you anything. If you get passed up for a job or a promotion go back and analyze what you could improve upon and go on to the next opportunity that presents itself.

* Be realistic
If reality hasn’t already made itself shown to you then reach out and grab it. Be realistic in your expectations of everything. The prince is most likely not coming to sweep you off your feet. It doesn’t matter how you live your life as long as you can support yourself. Admitting to the reality of your own situation and of the current world will help you adapt and formulate a plan.

* Change your outlook
If you constantly look at the negative side of things you might as well stop now and give up. Constantly being negative will not win you friends or a new life. In every situation there is the tiniest speck of positive. Find it and then find a way to make things better. This may mean you need to find others that think positively as well.

* Show me who you run with and I’ll show you who you are
Hang around people that think little of themselves and you will too. The only way to survive adversity and live well is to keep company with good people. This has nothing to do with how much money one has or where you live. Find the gems of the world that will back you up in good times and bad. Find the honest people who will encourage you and keep you going. In return you must be loyal, upright, and back them up too.

* Have discipline
As I look back at my life I discovered that the discipline that I scoffed at when my Father tried to teach me it’s worth, is exactly what I needed to remedy my downfalls. Resilience requires discipline. We must have the discipline to go without, to make a move instead of standing still, to remain silent when needed, and to do the right thing however uncomfortable it may be. This may sound harsh to some but the long term goal is usually worth less instant gratification. To succeed we have to be strong and enduring of the steps to get there.

* Be kind
Kindness works for you exponentially. There is satisfaction in every moment you do something kind for someone else. It may come back around to you when your kindness is remembered. Compassion for others helps you sleep well at night. If you always choose kind words and remain silent when others criticize others you will never have to worry about your conscience.

* Choose to be happy
Even in the toughest of time you have the ability to choose to be happy. You may not be able to dance around and sing when the world is crashing around you but keep in mind what is good and do your best. If you do your best to deal with any situation you can be content that you tried.

Surviving is easier when you stay in the present moment and keep all of these things in mind. Drudging up the past or worrying about the future won’t change anything. It only brings you suffering. Learn from the past so as not to repeat your mistakes. Make plans for the future but remember that they joy of life is in the actual journey.

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