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My $1 Shopping Spree

Today I took what I didn’t need to the Montana Rescue Mission Store.
It’s Montana’s best thrift store.
Of course I had to go in and see if they had
any bargains that were on my “need” list.
I picked up three t-shirts at $1 each.
I also chose a tank and a lace shirt that
had caught my eye a while back.
Both were $1 each.
The last two items were sweaters.
A cream color short sleeve was $1.
My splurge was a black cuddly pullover
for $5.99 but it fit what I needed.
My total ticket was $10.99 for
3 tees, 2 sweaters, one tank, and
one lace shirt.

I was amazed at the good condition
of each item. The black sweater had some threads
that needed some repair but were easily fixed.

My summer item list is nearly complete.
I want to buy pants a little closer to summer.
My plan is to minimize my size. 😉

What is your latest best bargain?

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Save Money Without Pain

Losing your job or having to make due with less money due to the economy may seem painful at first. There are some sensible ways to save money without suffering.

* Stop drinking caffeine. Coffee and tea prices have skyrocketed. Stop drinking them or cut down on the amount you drink every day. Quit buying lattes. Seriously.

* Stop smoking. Taxes on tobacco were raised as incentives for people to stop smoking and it gives the government more of your hard earned money. Quit.

* Don’t support anyone you don’t need to. Your children up to age 18 are you obligation to take care of. After that they shouldn’t be living off of you. If they still live with you they should contribute based on a fair portion of the household expenses. This applies no matter if you have money to burn or not. Be an adult.

* Don’t buy a vehicle you can’t really afford. When buying a car make sure you can afford the payments and the maintenance. Don’t forget taxes and license as well as insurance every year. Get beyond a vehicle being a status symbol for you too.

* Stop buying processed food. Buy whole foods and buy in bulk if you are able. Oats, flour, sugar, and beans are all cheap staples that will make multitudes of meals. Also, consider that a piece of fresh fruit costs less than a candy bar and is healthier for you. The earth will thank you for less garbage too.

* You don’t have to buy multitudes of clothes for your job and your life. Choose brown or black as your basic color. Buy two pair of pants in that color, two pairs of shoes, and five shirts that are different colors that go with everything. Done.

* Learn to cut your own hair or go to a beauty school and ask for the new student haircut which is usually free or at a reduced rate. Keep you hair simple. Find a style that doesn’t need fancy products or appliances to keep neat. Be practical.

* Eat less meat. Eat rice, beans, oats, and vegetables more often. Eat meat, fish, and poultry as well as dairy less. This saves you money now. It also keeps your heart healthy and you won’t ever have to be on a list of medications.

* Don’t be afraid to move. Move to a better location that’s more economical to live if you can. This may take some planning but make things better in the long run. Also, moving means move your behind. Walk to the store, the park, work, or just as exercise. Moving your body saves you money by staying healthy and saving gas.

* Stop buying everyone gifts. Make gifts for each other. Write a letter to each loved one for Christmas telling them what they mean to you. Donate time to charity instead and spread the happiness to more people.

* Be beautiful inside. Stop buying the newest thing that is bragging it will make you young again. Be a good person. They will remember you. No one remembers vanity

What steps did you take to minimize and save money?

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