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How to Improve Your Self-esteem

From time to time we all have some trouble with self-esteem. Here are some tips to improve self-esteem and feel good about yourself.

Talk Positive
If you are always telling yourself what an idiot you are your self-esteem will always suffer. Instead of using negative language start using positive talk. You don’t have to use flowery or unreal language but tell yourself it’s okay when you think you made a mistake. Most things aren’t worth the worry and no one is perfect. Use positive talk in every conversation. Avoid gossip and talking about others. Put yourself in their shoes. You will gain a reputation for being kind. Talk positive and see your self-esteem go up and up.

Keep Friends That Build You Up Not Tear You Down
If you hang around a friend that always points out what you do wrong or puts you down then tell them to take a hike! Keep company with people who will realistically reinforce your good traits and doesn’t pick on you. Good friends are the best thing you can do to improve your self-esteem.

Don’t Allow Someone to Talk Inappropriately
Don’t ever allow anyone call you names or call you stupid even during a fight. There are “rules” for fighting such as no name calling and staying on the subject. If you have a spouse that constantly puts you down or is abusive you need to consider counseling and possible ending the relationship. There is never a reason for anyone to be treated this way. Having healthy conversations and relationships is what everyone needs for their self-esteem.

Take the High Road
Avoid getting caught in sticky situations by paying bills on time or making payment arrangements with someone you owe money when possible. Keep your head held high and stay honest. When you have good and honest standards and morals you won’t have to worry about your self-esteem.

Be Aware of the World
To Improve your self-esteem you don’t have to follow the latest fashion trends or have everything under the sun. A good rule is to be aware of the world and decide what you need versus what you may be obsessed with and keep a happy medium. It’s okay to have material things that make you happy as long as you can pay for them without creating stress. Keeping up with the Jones’ won’t make you happy or improve your self-esteem. It will only make you crazy.

You can improve your self-esteem by a using a few basic rules and focus more on the inside of you- your spirit.

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Dear Women,

Dear Women,

You are most likely not a princess.
*You do not need more than one lace shirt or one red dress.
*You don’t even need those most days or nights.

You are most likely not a lady of the evening.
*You don’t need to wear makeup to impress real people.
*You don’t need to be dramatic to get attention.

You are most likely someone who just wants to be loved.
*If you act spoiled and haughty it won’t help.
*Love yourself first.
*Be lovable.

You are most likely more than a body or a face.
*Feed your brain if you want people to admire it.
*Take care of your body but not to the extent that your soul starves.

You are most likely to have big dreams and a few goals.
*Don’t ever think you are entitled to anything for free.
*Hard work makes dreams come true.
*Wishing won’t even get you out of the chair.

You are most likely able to take care of yourself.
*Then do it.
*Men can’t hold you up forever and neither can your parents.

You are most likely kind
*Don’t be afraid to show it.
*If the crowd is cruel find a new crowd.

Leave the war paint and the masks behind. Be who you are. There is never any shame or discontent in that.

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