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Finding the Real Ones: True Storytellers

In the midst of our travels on the journey of life blah blah blah…

Begin again.

We want to find the real ones.
What we go back and truly admire is art and “the real ones”.
The real ones are everything from spare parts to authentic people.
I admire the storytellers.
There are few good storytellers left.
I’m not talking about “writers”, bloggers, published authors or English Majors that need an occupation.
I’m talking about the few storytellers that are left in this world.
As a Romantic Minimalist it is these particular “real ones” I respect and admire the most.
A couple of Doctors I work with are such. They can tell stories of history and politics with flavor.
There are a few good bloggers out there that are storytellers.
Today I found “So Far From Heaven” by Old Jules
He’s a real one.
Many bloggers like me, just talk about a subject or post their photos.
Don’t get me wrong. I like bloggers and I like writing blogs.

It’s not the same…

Once again my Romantic Minimalist mind has come to a crossroads.
I used to “follow” any blog of interest.
As of today, I plan only to follow the good storytellers.
Life is short
I always smile and immerse myself when a storyteller lets loose.
There is nothing in life more precious or necessary.
Out with the clutter of good blogs that aren’t storytellers.
Take no offense.
It’s just Romantic Minimalism at it’s best.
That’s who I am.
A real one.

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