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Seven Great Things About Water

Water sounds boring.
It’s not bright unless its a lake in the sunshine.
Water is colorless, odorless, and invisible at times.
What are the great things about water?

1) It makes your skin young again
Water hydrates the skin from the inside out.
It plumps up the skin to perfection.

2) It flushes out toxins
Drinking water flushes out the toxins
that build up in your cells. It helps
keep your system running smoothly.

3) It doesn’t cost a dime
Water costs less than a dime per serving.
It is always the least expensive thing to drink.

4) It fights disease
Washing your hands is the single
best thing you can do to ward off diseases
like influenza and the common cold.

5) It keeps hunger at bay
Hunger is sometimes a sign of dehydration.
Drinking water helps you stay on track
with your eating plan.

6) It cleans anything
Water is still the best thing
to clean your whole house.
There isn’t really a need
for fancy chemicals.

7) It brings life
Everything needs water to live.
Water can bring the ill back to health
and a limp plant back to vibrancy.

Water was so simple to add to our life.
Instead of reaching for other things
now we go for water.
It saves us money, time, and health.

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