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The World’s Most Simple Diet

Everywhere you look there is another diet book out that has the latest way to save yourself by losing weight. There are books on Raw Food-ism, Vegetarianism, Atkins, The Zone, and the list goes on. Diet is a prevalent part of your health. Some diet plans isolate you by requiring you to eat what no one else would dare. Here is the world’s most simple diet. It has no extreme measures. It contains no fast miracles. It simply works in any situation. Whether you have money to burn or are on a budget, eat at home or traveling, on the run or calmly with time, this diet adapts easily to any day of your life. It takes into account social and cultural restrictions and keeps you happy.

* Eat three meals each day.
Never skip a meal and try to eat meals at about the same time each day if possible.

*Eat the equivalent of two fists of food at each meal.
For example: Breakfast is one fist of cereal and one of milk. Lunch is one fist of salad and one of fruit or chicken breast. Supper is one fist of rice and one fist of fish. This automatically takes into account your body size. If you are petite your portions are smaller, if you are a linebacker your portions are bigger. As you lose weight remember to adjust your portions to fit fists that have become smaller.

* Eat only one serving of meat or cheese and one starch each day.
You decide if you feel better combining these at one meal or eating them at separate meals. Listen to your body. If you eat pizza make it one piece and a salad.

* Eat with no extreme.
A little fat, a little sugar, a little of this and that, but don’t eat anything to the extreme. If you want the cheesecake then eat half a slice or just a few bites. If you want Mac n cheese then eat half a fist of it and use the other fist and a half for healthy salad with low fat dressing.

* Eat healthy but eat what you want.
If you enjoy the crunch of cereal in the morning then eat your whole grains then. If you like bread then eat whole grain bread with one meal. One fruit or one “fist” of vegetables is always a good choice. As long as you are conscious to steer your meals to the healthy side of things you can eat what you want. Keep the two fist/three meal rule.

* Drink more water and less caffeine.
Caffeine can stimulate insulin release and make you hungry. It also can cause calcium to be drawn from your body that it needs for healthy bones. Two cups of coffee in the morning is enough. Choose other options such as herbal tea or precious water that make your skin glow.

* Savor your meals.
Don’t eat in front of the TV, while reading, or use food as a drug to numb yourself. Focus on the food in front of you and take time whenever possible to appreciate the hard work it took many people to put it on your table. Realize how lucky you are to have it to nourish you.

Think about staying on the middle road if you can’t decide what to eat. Part of why this diet works so well is that it is easy to stay with and allows you to enjoy food that you love while still taking good care of your body. Say goodbye to guilt and painful diets. Hello reasonable.

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